2008 Honda Accord

  • 2008 Honda Accord

    Honda Accord
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    • Remove the drivers door panel and inspect Found the window regulator cable broken and motor locked up Need to replace drivers window regulator/motor and recheck Remove old window regulator/motor and install new window regulator/motor Reassemble and test for proper operation Found drivers window switch shorted and no supplying 12 volts to window motor Need to replace drivers window switch and recheck Replace drivers master window switch and reassemble Test for proper operation All windows working good at this time
    • Used Scan Tool on Vehicle Trouble Codes Found: #P0420 catalytic converter efficiency low bank 1 Scan oxygen sensor data – all ranging properly Raise the vehicle on the hoist and inspect Found bank 1 catalytic converter temp low Recommend replacing bank 1 catalytic converter and recheck Catalytic converter on back-order from Honda
    • Change oil,filter & lube. Check all fluids, hoses & belts. Check tires & adjust pressure.
    • Rotate tires, check tire wear and adjust pressure All brakes new
    • Replace left license plate light bulb
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