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2011 Ford Escape


Ford Escape

Service Date
Services Performed
  • Change oil,filter & lube. Check all fluids, hoses & belts. Check tires & adjust pressure.
  • Remove old canister purge valve and clean fittings Install new canister purge valve and reassemble Clear codes and test drive to clear system monitors No codes returning at this time
  • Remove wheels, inspect pad/shoe condition & thickness Front _15__% Rear _45__% Inspect caliper/cylinder for leakage & operation Inspect master cylinder, brake lines & hoses for operation & leaks
  • Rotate tires, check tire wear and adjust pressure
  • True rotors or drums, pack bearings & replace seals (if applies), bleed & adjust.Test drive for proper operation.
  • Used Scan Tool on Vehicle Trouble Codes Found: #PO457 evap system leak detected Check gas cap Check for vacuum and vapor leaks Scan system data Found canister purge valve erratic Check purge valve and connections Test purge valve – sticking at times Need to replace canister purge valve and recheck
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